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Automated, intelligent dialing makes sure the caller is available when the agent is ready. Agents spend less time dialing and more time talking to customers.

Predictive Dialer

Automate manual data entry with our powerful CRM and let your reps focus on the conversions. Streamline your workflows and increase productivity by accessing customers profiles all within a single platform.


Get better visibility and actionable insights with comprehensive reporting metrics, stats and analytics for agents, calls, campaigns and more.

Reporting & Insights


David Freund shares why Integral Resources chooses to partner with Xencall over the competition.

Why call centers choose Xencall

Lightning speed

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Speed is everything when you're dialing for dollars. We've got the fastest dialer on the market.

From detailed metrics to agent stats and analytics, to calls, campaigns and more.

From onboarding to integrations to tech support, we're always there when customers need help.

Reporting that rocks

Five star support

Xencall is the all-in-one predictive dialer that intelligently connects agents with more leads in less time. Make more connections, and maximize agent productivity - all at an affordable cost.

The smartest, most powerful dialer for call centers.

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The heart of the Xencall system.

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Nick Cuttonaro

I'm so glad we made the switch to XenCall when we did. Now we're able to reach more people every day with less resistance. If you're running an outbound sales team, this is the platform you want to be on if you want to keep your agents productive and profitable.

Xencall has been a game changer for our call center! It is an extremely powerful tool that has literally doubled our outbound call centers productivity. If you are using any other dialers you are wasting your time.

Jason Shouldice

Leadz Engine